The Wunder Years- Function Over Fashion


  • Black

  • Greenish

  • Purplish

  • No Idea Mix

  • Starburst

  • Golden Swirl

    Sold Out

Function Over Fashion Re-released on vinyl + 320 MP3s download codes. Co-release with Side With Us Records.

This is an excellent EP that features the all-star line-up of Brian Moss (Olehole/Hanalei/The Ghost), Josh Staples (The Velvet Teen/The New Trust), Shane Stevens (The Ghost) and Caitlin Love (Hot Victory/Northern Swords).

Color Breakdown:
Greenish: 154
Black: 137
Purplish: 107
No Idea Mix: 57 (not pictured, just random colored)
Starburst: 32 (far right pictured)
Golden Swirl: 15

* Note: Colors we mixed by the pressing plant so there are multiple different variants of each color. They are just broken down by similar colors. What you see pictured may be different from what you receive.

Records will begin shipping after the new year.

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