Invisible Children Benefit LP


  • Sunday (dark)

  • Innocent (gold)

    Sold Out
  • Roseline (blue)

  • Emmy (red)

  • Grace (green)

  • Tony (purple)


we have teamed up with a bunch of our friends to put together an amazing Benefit compilation. We are proud to be working with all of these bands as they are some of our favorite bands around right now. 100% of the proceeds from this album will be donated to Invisible Children. These funds will be used to continue building Early Warning Radio Towers alerting people of possible LRA attacks.

We named the colors after the people featured in the Bracelet Campaign videos. Those videos have made a huge impact in our lives and since this benefit record is for them we wanted to keep them in the front of our minds.
Sunday (black)
Innocent (gold)
Roseline (blue)
Emmy (red)
Grace (green)
Tony (purple)
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Track Listing:
Side A:
1. The Forecast- Say You Miss Me
2. Rust Belt Lights- Awake in Dreams
3. Daytrader- Kill My Compass
4. Turnover- Sasha
5. The Story Changes- I Keep A Diary
6. Jonah Matranga- Mothers of the Disappeared

Side B:
1. Pentimento- Words With Friends
2. KOJI- Color Quiet Loud
3. Banquets- Sound of Money
4. Nightmares for a Week- Old House
5. Lemuria- Wise People
6. Frank Turner- I Am Disappeared

* Note: Colors we mixed by the pressing plant so there are multiple different variants of each color. They are just broken down by similar colors. What you see pictured may be different from what you receive.

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